Since 1979, the iconic Cheshire Cheese Inn has been providing locals and visitors alike with a neighbourly gastro-pub experience. Affectionately called “The Cheese”, our cozy-casual British themed room is abuzz with jovial banter from a great mix of diners & our lovable regulars in the bar.

Our staff add to this vibrant atmosphere as they are a friendly, cheeky bunch providing you with a good time & truly approachable dining experience. If you haven’t had the chance to try some classic British menu items, “The Cheese” aims to please; classics such as the Toad in the Hole, Cornish Pasty, Bangers & Mash and many more. We stay true to our casual roots, as well a offer you a high quality product.Samuel_Johnson

Check out our website for our great daily food & drink specials, such as our Roast Prime Rib of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding on Friday nights or Red Wine & Thyme Pork Loin on Wednesday. Our drinks selection include ice cold local and import draughts and a diverse wine/cocktail menu.

We host a variety of food specials and entertainment events that make up our valued European traditions.

We have great respect for the infamous Samuel Johnson. A man that worked tirelessly for nine years to ensure his fellow man could have a collection to remember him by. Dr. Johnson was responsible for providing the world with “A dictionary of the English Language” in 1755.  This masterpiece came 150 years before Oxford began.doc

We at “The Cheese” embody the same fundamental qualities that Dr. Johnson did all those years ago. We pride our selves on knowing that you’ll experience something like no other place in Vancouver. Our homemade cuisine spawns from traditional menu items that have been in circulation for hundreds of years.

We keep traditions alive.