British Desserts


Strawberry Shortcake sponge  cake, sliced strawberry compote, Tea Shop cream cheese, garnished with whip cream $6.75

 Sticky Toffee Pudding from the Lake District of England, this rich and sticky date cake is finished with salted caramel sauce  $7

Warm Apple Pie cinnamon dusted apples baked in a flakey pastry, served with a scoop of ice cream $7.5

 Guinness S’mores buttery graham crust chocolate-Guinness filling, salted caramel, finished with fire roasted marshmallows. So good, you can almost taste the campfire  $6.75

Lemon Meringue Pie a light treat  $6.5

Frozen Snicker Slice house-made ice cream slice layered with ganache, salted peanuts and rich toffee garnished with chocolate sauce $7.25

Baked Cheesecake garnished with sliced strawberry compote and whip cream  $7.5

Vanilla Ice Cream your choice of chocolate or salted caramel or sliced strawberry compote $5.25

AFTER DINNER BEVERAGES All these are finished with a minimum 1.5 oz. alcohol.

Highlander Coffee Cask aged scotch & Drambuie, garnished with whip cream $8.25

Tavern Coffee sugar rim, Amaretto & Grand Marnier garnished with whip cream $8

Luxardo Mocha amaretto fresh brewed coffee, chocolate sauce and whip cream $8

Cheshire Coffee  chocolate & orange liqueurs, garnished with whip cream $7.5

Maple Apple Cider bourbon, hint of maple syrup, lemon and hot cinnamon apple cider $7.5

Royal London Tea hot Earl Grey, fresh lemon, Grand mariner & amaretto  $8.25

Monty Cristo Kahlua & Grand Marnier & coffee garnished with whip cream $8.25

Hot Buttered Rum a potent winter elixir to warm you all over! $7.5